Rewild Your World

July 2023

A Children's book written by Emma Schmitt and illustrated by me. It discusses and shows the struggling planet and a new way to help win the battle against human progression and climate change- Rewilding.

Integrity Martial Art

April 2023

This was a logo made for a local karate studio near my home town. He wanted something bold, bright, fun for the kids, yet serious for the adults. He wanted me to depict a traditional eastern dragon with a tiger in front of a geometric design.

My Crow Poe

August 2022

New Hampshire Magazine reached out to my college and commissioned an illustration from my class to be feautured in an upcoming edition and chose my illustration to be shown in the magazine. The story is written by Bill Routhier and follows his journey of an unexpected friendship between him and a crow that lives in the backyard of his New Hampshire home.

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